New “Byzantine” design on our webshop – special discount available until August 1st!

Calling all TURISAS emblem bearers!

We opened our new webshop in June at Just fresh from print, we introduce a new design: check out the merch store for the brand new ‘Byzantine’ T-shirt, available NOW. If you order this shirt before 1st August, you will receive an exclusive limited period offer of 20% discount off the regular price*. Also check out the other designs – there are various Turi-licious garments, something for everyone.

* applies to this shirt only, offer expires on 1st August 2011

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Byzantine T-shirt
“Byzantine” – design by the talented Ayumi “ToK” Okawa (+also see the “Longboat” design in our shop!)


* Go to
* Find some nice shirts, hoodies and gloves to wear
* Make us rich – err – I mean: support our band by buying those items. Really. We would appreciate that. Times are tough.
* Enjoy your life as a fashion trendsetter
* Repeat (this is a limited batch, buy while you can – new items will be added sooner or later)