One of Terrorizer’s “Artists of the Decade” – Battle Metal among “100 Great Albums”

Finnish battle metallers TURISAS are part of Terrorizer’s Secret History Of The Decade, a special issue of the British magazine providing an essential guide to extreme metal from 2000 to 2009. It goes through the last ten years’ biggest musical movements including the most essential albums and artists.

Among some of metal scene’s most legendary acts, Turisas was chosen as one of the eight Artists of the Decade and the band’s 2004 debut album Battle Metal made it to the 100 Great Albums of the decade.

TURISAS vocalist Mathias “Warlord” Nygård states:

Wow. Being honoured like this by one of the absolute top metal magazines in the world is quite something. Doing well in end-of-the-year-summaries is amazing in itself, but out of a whole DECADE… I’m just speechless. Our hails to Terrorizer for this honour and be prepared, we’ve already set our eyes on the 2019 issue! We really aim at nailing the next decade, and our first blow – a third album – is just around the corner.

Visit for more info on this special issue and look forward to a new TURISAS opus, the much awaited third album later this year!

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